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Rejecting cannibalism

I saw this poster today. On the wall outside my neighborhood’s Unemployment Office. It was full of young people and as I was arriving there a dark, stony feeling was felt in my stomach. Approaching the entrance, this poster made me feel better. No matter how desperate some people can get, they won’t turn to each other. The poster says (in free translation from a Greek colloquial expression):

We are hungry! And we don’t plan to eat each other!

poster hunger

Cirque de Grèce

Saw this today and thought that it’s funny. These are two very important reasons why I decided to post it here.

Unemployment (by Absent)

It’s inspired by a poster of “Alegria” (a show by Cirque du Soleil) which has filled Athens’ ad spaces these days. The guy is our Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras and the word is “Anergia” which means Unemployment in Greek.


Bread – Education – Freedom

“Bread – Education – Freedom” was the main slogan of the Athens Polytechnic students’ uprising. It summarized the basic demands the people had during the 1967-1974 military dictatorship.

This year, this poster was circulated around the Greek cyberspace.

1973-2011 Bread - Education - Freedom* (*pending demand)

And finally, a drawing made by Greek cartoonist Stathis two years ago (but even more valid today).

Bread - Education - Freedom: the word that is stolen from the banner is "Bread"