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A government with(out) a plan

There are many ways to demonstrate that the Greek government, despite its assurances, has suspended the Greek Public Radio & TV (ERT) without a fucking idea of what they’ll do next. The small details can even make you laugh instead of weep. In an attempt to convince people that there is a long-term plan, the government has announced that the new broadcaster would be called NERIT. But it was such a hasty, unorganized, almost spontaneous though huge decision that noone had the slightest intelligence to buy the new domain, nerit.gr. So someone else did and is now making fun of this ridiculous government by embedding ERT’s web streaming on the page (so the new NERIT is showing the good old ERT’s programme). Here’s a screenshot.


In case you wonder what pitsaria-pou-eskise.gr is, it means “a pizzeria that had a huge success”. The reference is to a show in which the current PM Antonis Samaras appeared during his pre-election campaign a year ago. A member of the audience asked Samaras how can he present himself as able to get a national economy out of a crisis when he has been a politician by profession all his life. Samaras replied that this is not true because when he was young, after finishing his studies in the US, he had opened a pizzeria which, indeed, has a huge success.