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On the dysfunctional year that ends today

I woke up and started reading a couple of blogs with my morning coffee. The majority of them reminded me that this is the last day of the year. I thought of translating two small abstracts to give you an idea of how this otherwise joyous day is experienced in Greece. Yes, there’s plenty of pessimism in them.

"Disfunction" by Susana Blasco

Author and veteran blogger Nikos Dimou wrote:

I was asked to give a label on 2011. I spontaneously answered “A year lost”. Then I remembered 2010 and I added “one more”.

Greece’s most read blogger, Pitsirikos, wrote:

The year 2011 was a beautiful and “useful year”. It was the year that the Greek society had a mirror turned towards itself and was told “That’s who you are!”.

Off I go now to have my second cup of coffee in downtown Athens with one of my best friends. He was laid off three days ago.