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Politicized Greek porn?

In an attempt to identify with the widespread anger in Greek society, targeted mainly against corrupt politicians, the country’s biggest porn production company has produced its latest gem, a politicized porn movie (!?!?!) where terrorists rape Ministers’ wives.

The "Impact" is already being sold at Athens' kiosks for 14,90 €

The “Impact” is already being sold at Athens’ kiosks for 14,90 € (Photo by Athensville)

The movie’s title is “Impact” (the rhyming Greek headline translates into something like “The people’s revolution upon the Minister’s wife”) and the plot, according to Sirina Productions’ website, is this.

2012. The dominant emotion of impoverished Greece is disappointment. With the movement of the indignants being blown off course, people are looking to find ways in order to defuse the anger they feel towards the politicians that betrayed them. The mode of punishment that everyone of us is dreaming varies, but we all want to it to be exemplary …

With this in mind, a group of young men create a terrorist cell and attack Ministers’ houses. They find their wives and give them a lesson they will never forget. A lesson that includes lots of spanking and even more sex. They also record their deeds and then blackmail the crook politicians. “Either you return the stolen money to the state funds or we post the videos online!”.

Here’s the trailer.
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