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Go to hell!

An illustration by Manos Symeonakis on the Greek haircut (made for the Cartoon Movement)

I just read this post by a well-known Greek blogger, Kartesios. I decided to translate it (the link to the original post is here). The illustration is by Manos Symeonakis and I decided to add it here with the text below. It’s dedicated to those who believe that the recent haircut saved Greece from bankruptcy. I don’t know about the economy and the banks, but the society and the welfare state (what?) is already bankrupt. Here you go with Kartesios’ post:

I haven’t been writing for the past couple of days because I thought I’d get over it, I’ll calm down and won’t swear. I hoped that if I start writing I won’t be moved, I won’t cry like an idiot. But apparently this is not possible.

It’s not possible because it’s not something that I was told of but something that I lived. He was looking me straight in the eyes and telling me “I’m gonna sell my kidney, mate, but I’ll save her”. He was angry and decided about it. I knew he meant it.

He is unemployed. Fired. She, his wife, is a 700 euro nurse. They found cancer on her breast.

None of them has reached their 40s. When they asked at public hospitals they were telling them something about a waiting list for the operation and about lacking personnel. In the private ones, the 3.000 euro pay for the doctor was non-negotiable.

The public social insurance doesn’t even cover the breast ultrasound. Even those 15 euros is coming out of their pockets. Their 3 kids at home. They shouldn’t learn anything. And he is decided. “I’m gonna sell my kidney, mate. I’m going someone to sell it to”.

And me, not being able to find those 3.000 euros to give them to him and he could return them whenever he can. Not even knowing someone who has this amount. These are my friends, what can I do now? None of them has that much.

This is why I don’t feel like writing. Because I don’t give a damn about anything. And anybody. Punks. Scoundrels. Both leftists and rightists. Those who call me to vote for them. They can kiss my ass.

As for the sacred right of the vote, let those who believe that vote is more sacred than human life and dignity practice it. I don’t think it’s more sacred than human life and dignity. And because none of them hasn’t defended them as they should, they can go fuck themselves altogether.

The leftist parties in the parliament have given a void battle. Everything was passed. The Memoranda, the measures, the treaties and the Mid-Term programs. And the two parties of the Left haven’t managed to say good-morning to each other.

They have 30 MPs today. So what will happen if they become 50 or 60? The rest 240 will continue to vote for measures. What measures? Those that are secretly passed when the night falls, which raise the heart patients’ participation to their medication from 10% to 25%.

Many Doctors’ Associations are already screaming that low pensioners, unemployed and fired heart patients are undertreated putting their life at risk, because they decide by themselves to reduce the medication in order to save it.

They cut the pill in half so that the box lasts for double the amount of days. These are the posh battles at the Parliament. Words, words, words and then everything is passed. Like a road roller. Dead people who go unregistered.

And then they tell you “please complain quietly”. No, you imbecile. It can’t be quiet because you pocket 3 or 13 or 30 thousands by simply being a fucking MP and some other guy sells his kidney to save his wife.

Why should I vote for you, you bimbo? So that you give their democracy an alibi? Everyone is innocent. Their crimes are cancelled because of limitation periods, just like that. And the other guy is losing his wife. Go to hell, I’m not going to transact with you. You can stick the ballot box and its results up your arse. Mother-fuckers.

And, yes, I swear to the Left because I was waiting from the Left to come forward and get out in the streets. Not for the right wing fascists, not from the green crooks did I wait for something. I was not disappointed by them. They were opposite me in the first place. Now I’m also opposite to the courtesan of the so called political culture. Radical Left and bollocks. Get out of here you clowns. Wankers.

Interview of Greek Foreign Minister on the haircut

Here’s an interview of Greek Foreign Minister, Stavros Lambrinidis, to Charlie Rose. It was shown by PBS on the 28th of October and the discussion focuses on the Greek haircut.

Printed on the day of the haircut

I always thought it was interesting to see and compare the newspaper front pages in a specific day of a great event. So here are a selection of what the most popular newspapers printed in their front pages on the day the Greek haircut was announced.


Title: German tank brings a new Memorandum (a term by which the troika sponsored round of measures have been known)

Subtitle: The Merkel Doctrine: new measures and constant supervision


Title: Haircut of national dignity

Subtitle: Greece under custody


Title: The great night of Brussels for banks and supervision


Title: Eurozone-Greece: carrot and stick

Eleftheros Tipos

Title: 50% haircut: night long battle between Merkel and the banks

Subtitle: The French and the Germans were deciding while Papandreou was watching


Title: The government of Memoranda has exhausted all its tricks and is dragged to the ballot box; Elections on the 4th of December

Subtitle: Greece under foreign administration and with even more poverty


Title: The Tsolakoglou government has accepted the permanent occupation by the troika

Subtitle: Treacherous submission of the Germans’ puppets

(Georgios Tsolakoglou was a Greek military officer who became the first Prime Minister of the Greek collaborationist government during the Axis Occupation in 1941-1942)