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Christmas card from Greece

By Stathis for To Paron newspaper (23/12/2012)

By Stathis for To Paron newspaper (23/12/2012)

Baby Jesus: Is it just you the three Wise Men this year?

Camel: Balthazar was fired, Melchior’s camel was suspended and Caspar emigrated abroad…

A card from the Christmas that just passed

I was talking the other day with a friend who was telling me about the Christmas party her daughter’s school gave. My friend noticed that there was something different this year with the Christmas tree. It was full of cards with kids’ wishes which were related to the financial crisis. Here’s a photo from two of them followed by a translation.

I wish Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope that next year there will be a new building and classroom so that we can have our classes there. I wish health, happiness, joy and, above all, NO poverty!


I wish that this crisis stops because it is getting on my nerves!!! In addition, I wish that all homeless people find a home with food and water! And above all I wish that my family and my friends will not have to leave from here or to live in the streets!


Merry crisis

Some photos to “celebrate” the day… This is Christmas 2011 in Greece.

“Naked Christmas” by bleeps.gr (photo by G. Nikolakopoulos)

Season’s Greektings by Greek illustrator Spyros Derveniotis.

Season’s Greektings by Spyros Derveniotis

 Daniel, a British Erasmus student in Athens, sent me this photo – it’s a motto that has been around since the 2008 killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos by a policeman, an assassination that caused a rioting chaos in Athens for more than a month. Daniel took this photo in Panteion University.

Photo by Daniel @ Panteion University

Here’s another photo from the same door (not that it makes more sense, I just found it by chance)

Merry Crisis @ Panteion University

This is a graffiti on the external wall of Athens University’s old building (now mainly used for graduation ceremonies). I think the graffiti has been taken off by now.

Merry crisis @ Athens Kapodistrian University

The motto inspired a stencil artist too. The location is unknown.ste

Merry crisis stencil

If I am not mistaken, this graffiti was on the external wall of the Central Bank of Greece, at Panepistimiou street.

Merry crisis @ the Central Bank of Greece

Here’s a video from the city-sponsored Christmas tree in Syntagma square, back in 2008. Its burning was an unforgettable view. For almost a decade, the city’s mayors were proud of wasting thousands of euros to build “the tallest christmas tree in Europe”. This shallow megalomania that only needed a spark to show the void spirit of our corrupt politicians.

At first, people decorated the tree with garbage bags.

Then the tree was set on fire.

As you can see, that night, riot police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. It was a very moving view.

Finally, here’s a video by Ross Domoney, with a short historical background on the Alexis Grigoropoulos’ assassination and footage from this year’s demo which commemmorated the killing.

Exploring Revolt in Greece from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.