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On the streets of Athens with Golden Dawn

Here’s a report by Konstantinos Georgousis on Golden Dawn’s profile. The story, which was showed by Channel 4 in the UK, follows a candidate MP in the downtown neighbourhood of Aghios Panteleimonas. The naive candidate speaks openly about his future vision of Greece and makes eerie jokes about ovens and soaps. A must watch for all those who tend to either believe the cheap excuses or have been reassured by diplomatic answers.

Go Greek for a Week… parody-trailer

The popular comedy show “Radio Arvyla” have produced a parody trailer for the British reality show “Go Greek for a Week”, produced by Channel 4. I thought I’d post something funny while we wait for the name of our next Prime Minister.

Go Greek for a Week

The Greek crisis has finally become a reality… show.

I’m pasting below the description of a new tv show which will be hosted by UK tv network Channel 4.

Three British families try out the tax, pensions and work practices that caused Greece’s economic crisis and brought on the austerity measures aimed at cutting the deficit and qualifying for EU bailouts.

A 54-year-old British hairdresser discovers the generosity of the Greek pensions system, which still allows hairdressers, pastry chefs, radio continuity announcers and people in almost 600 other jobs to retire aged 53 at 90% of their final salary because their jobs are defined as hazardous.

A bus driver reaps the rewards of the Greek approach to state-run services, where bus drivers are paid double the national average salary and receive extra bonuses for arriving at work early and for checking bus tickets.

And a British surgeon is delighted to discover how paying income tax the Greek way will transform his disposable income.

The personal experiences of the three main characters are supported by expert interviews that establish the patterns of tax evasion, corruption and mismanagement that have helped to sink the Greek economy.

The show’s webpage is here. I’m so curious to watch the first episode (tonight at 8pm UK time) even if I am personally in Season 2 of the Greek crisis series.