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Why Rapanos denied the FinMin post

Now that Vassilis Rapanos is officially not the new Finance Minister of Greece, here’s a translation of a possible backstage explanation of why he took that decision.

Vassilis Rapanos, almost Greece’s new Finance Minister

First of all, Rapanos did not resign, he simply denied the post, since he hasn’t managed to take office yet. According to enikos.gr, Rapanos has asked to work with several colleagues of him with whom he has worked in the past. According to Greek journalist Nikos Chatzinikolaou’s portal, these colleagues were Yiannis Stournaras, Tasos Giannitsis and possibly Alekos Papadopoulos. Up until the meeting of the three political leaders (New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left) in which Rapanos participated, he had the idea that his demands were going to be satisfied.

However, new government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou informed Rapanos of the final team of Finance Ministry officials. Rapanos was enormously pressed by this move and his health, already troubled by a previous health issue, deteriorated. He even discussed with some people the possibility to deny the post but haven’t done so because such a move would have catastrophic impact to the image of the new Samaras administration, especially in its image towards Europe. On Friday morning he visited the Ministry where he was supposed to officially take office but, under the pressure of the circumstances, he fainted and was transferred to the hospital.

Enikos.gr mentions people close to Vassilis Rapanos as the sources for the above information.