Why is such a newspaper allowed to exist?

I’ve been thinking for quite some time now to start posting the front pages of what is probably the shittiest newspaper in Greece. It’s called Eleftheri Ora (Free Time?) and it’s the single most antisemitic, conspiracy-loving, anti-immigration, nationalist piece of toilet paper circulating in Greek news stands. It has a very low circulation (maybe some hundreds) but, still, it is there in its effort to spread all kinds of bullshit ideology, urban legend, conspiracy theories and general crap.

Today’s cover made me finally start this column in my blog where I shall be posting their front pages so that you can see what kind of newspaper Eleftheri Ora is. I will be using the same comment at the end of every post about this newspaper, “Why is such a newspaper allowed to exist?” since such a paper would be banned or fined to death in probably all the countries of Europe. I’m not really into banning things, I am the romantic guy who believes that an educated society can reject racist ideology or stupid antisemitism. But Greece, like the rest of EU, has the relevant laws that would forbid a paper like this to be published, hence the question; Why is such a newspaper allowed to exist?

eleftheri ora 20130131

Today’s front page (on the top) has a headline saying “All young Greek women who had sex with Albanians are at risk for cervical cancer – 75% of Albanians examined had Hepatitis!!!”

From now on, I shall place all posts on Eleftheri Ora under the category tag “WTF” which can also be found on the menu bar.

4 responses to “Why is such a newspaper allowed to exist?

  1. Σε αυτή τη φάση του καπιταλισμού
    ελεύθερη ώρα είναι μόνο
    η ώρα του χεσίματος
    και αυτό τα εξηγεί όλα ;)


  2. Σε αυτή τη φάση του καπιταλισμού
    ελεύθερη ώρα είναι μόνο
    η ώρα του χεσίματος
    και αυτό τα εξηγεί όλα


  3. Kosta,
    Two things…
    1) As much as I like your blog, let me disagree with the banning any type of publication. That my friend is how the frog gets boiled… you start distributing “righteousness” according to the ruling class ideals and you end up allowing only what they want… Don’t let your desire to impose what you think is right spoil your romanticism. No, I d not agree with Eleftheri Ora.

    2) Anti-Semitism, a perverse cliche serving political boals of the Zionists: You have fallen for the PR stunt of “antisemitism” and as per point 1) you are “making things right” under YOUR convictions…and want to ban what you think is wrong.. That is how censorship starts.

    a) Semites are not exclusively Jews..As a matter of fact the great majority of Jews are Ashkenazi Jews originally from Khazaria who migrated to Europe, and not Sephardi Jews who are the original Jews from Palestine (and yes, Palestine existed way before the Jews stepped into the land way back). Their Semitic genes belong to the people originally from that land, so there are many more times Arab Semites than Jews… It would be nice to give those Arab Semites their genealogical rights and not sequester them for those who do not fit the term

    b) Anti-Semitism is a cliche invented by the political arm whose name is Zionism.. It is a way to make people fall into the trap of seeming to discriminate all Jews, when they are really criticizing the political actions of the Zionists who control what has now become Israel. I would guess that a vast majority of Jews are not Zionists. In Israel there are millions who reject Zionist brutality and policy of ethnic cleansing perpetrated agains the Palestinians ( a majority of whom are Semites). The other cliche, invented also by the Zionists, is “self-hating Jew” as they dare not call other Jews antisemitic which would be an oxymoron. The term is reserved for goyim.

    Also let me make it clear I do not discriminate agains Jews as a philosophy, absolutely. I simply research my facts and history.. Zionism is a political ploy by Theodore Herzl in the early 1900 to gain power, not to serve Jews in general. To confuse anti-Zionism with being against Jews is simply the ploy they use to confuse and benefit.

    Bottom line, criticizing Israel is not anti-semitic on two counts.

    I am interested in you opinion of this.


  4. Hello Manolis, thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply but here it is. As I said in the post, I’m not into banning things [parties, newspapers, etc] personally, but there are laws in this country, voted by majority governments, which would now allow the propaganda of such intolerant ideologies. My rhetorical question “why is this newspaper allowed to exist?” is an indirect criticism as to why these laws are applied with double standards. There must be something bad going on behind the scenes. The point is not to have it banned it in the end but to examine why/who is it that allows it to exist, “who benefits?” as Cicero was saying.

    As for antisemitism, I am aware of what you are saying – the use of the this word is just the easiest way to describe the fact that the people behind this newspaper believe that the Jews want to rule the world. These people support and spread this conspiracy theory and the reason why I disagree is that it blindly creates stereotypes for millions of people living on this planet. I agree that criticism on the state of Israel is not antisemitism per se, but that’s a totally different story in relation to what i wanted to write about this newspaper.

    I hope I answered your questions.

    Thanks for reading my blog!


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