Law and morality on discounts

Racism and ethnic discrimination is not something new in Greek society. The emergence of Golden Dawn as a player in the Greek political scene gave a sense that everything racist in Greece is somehow connected with these thugs. But racism is everywhere, from the governing New Democracy party that frequently lashes out against immigrants in hope of not losing more votes to Golden Dawn to everyday matters. Like working at a super market.

According to the newspaper Avgi, an employee from the former Soviet Union was working at a promotion company advertising cosmetics. She was sent to promote the products at a branch of Galaxias super market chain. After two hours the manager of the branch told the woman that she can’t work there anymore because of her origin, since the super market chain was Greek and is only for Greeks. She replied that she has been living in Greece for more than 20 years and that she has recently even got the Greek citizenship. The manager insisted and later the promotion company  fired her since they only cooperate with Galaxias super markets.

When I first read this article I thought that it’s probably the manager who took the initiative to apply such labour practices in 2013. However, with a quick visit at the company’s website, I found out that the vision of Galaxias is:

Galaxias was founded and continues to operate as a purely Greek Super Market with Greek funds and Greek employees.

What the fuck? How can a company advertise such racist policies on its website? Since when did the Greek legal system start to tolerate ethnic discrimination at work on such a high level?

Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) - the signature of Theodoros Pangalos, then Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece.

Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) – the signature of Theodoros Pangalos, then Foreign Affairs Minister of Greece.

Greece has signed the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Racial Equality Directive, both within its EU integration, that were supposed to be incorporated (and effectively applied) since more than ten years ago. Not to mention the Universal Declaration of Human Rights half a century ago.

Toilet paper on offer this week - on the top of the leaflet it says "100% Greek Super Market"

Toilet paper on offer this week – on the top of the leaflet it says “100% Greek Super Market”

But no. These treaties are rubbish. Stains of ink on diplomatic toilet paper. The countries that abide with these law and principles are stupid suckers. And yes, a mediocre super market chain like Galaxias, living on its own fascist galaxy, can make all the discounts that it wants. On the prices of the toilet paper. On Greek and European legislation. On morality. On humanism itself.

5 responses to “Law and morality on discounts

  1. This clearly goes against a whole raft of legislation that Greece signed up to when it joined the EU, but I doubt that one freelance worker can take on either a bigot running a supermarket or a craven coward running a promotions company. (It would be interesting, however, to see how the company justified sacking the worker.) At the very least, anyone with a conscience should boycott Galaxias, and there are, of course, even more imaginative ways of making one’s opinion felt…


  2. Reblogged this on Panos World and commented:
    Panos here: It’s not the only Greek company following this road, at least not the only one in marketing terms…shows a lot about our culture over the years and how that culutre has been reinforced by the current economic crisis. Simply pathetic


  3. Sorry, that’s not racist.

    A racist is someone who believes that and some races are superior to others.

    If a country with very high unemployment first gives jobs to its own citizens before immigrants, that in no way means they think their citizens are superior, only that their first obligation is to their own citizens

    In fact I think it’s a very good idea.


  4. Sorry, unless Greece has laws against discrimination – I doubt this – not giving Job to overfiring a naturalised citizen is legal.

    In any event, it is in no way racist. Racism is when I, for example, say that even in Africa, Africans should be treated badly, because they are inherently inferior. We both understand what this is repugnant and racist.


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