The Politics of Knives

Here’s a short video on the current situation in Greece, produced by Ross Domoney. I found it interesting and informative and thought you will too.


The neo-Νazi party Golden Dawn has been active in Greece since the mid-1980s. Through the years, GD has attacked migrants, antifascists and homosexuals, often with the tolerance or even the collaboration of parts of the Greek police force. In recent years, the party saw a largely unexplained soaring in its funding, a broad coverage of its activities (whether real or fictitious) by mainstream media and the opening up of more than fifty local branches across Athenian neighborhoods and Greek cities.

The ostensibly meteoric rise of the GD in mainstream political discourse came at an extremely critical conjuncture, amidst the global financial crisis that hit Greece hard from approximately 2008/09 onward. In the 2009 national elections, GD had received a mere 0.2% of the vote; in 2012, its share sky-rocketed to approximately 7%. The electoral success of GD was matched by the introduction of anti-migration policies by the government coalition, often-encountered police operations specifically targeting anti-fascist activists in Athens and other Greek cities and the rise of racist attacks in the country.

On September 18th a self-confessed GD member, Giorgos Roupakias, stabbed anti-fascist rap musician Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah-P) to death. In the aftermath of the assassination the GD leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, and key GD MPs and members have been arrested and charged. Only now, after decades of presence in the Greek political landscape, the GD’s connections to the country’s security forces and political establishment are untangled and exposed in mainstream political discourse and in the media.

Produced by Ross Domoney, Klara Jaya Brekke and Dimitris Dalakoglou.
Filmed and edited by Ross Domoney.
Script edited by Klara Jaya Brekke.
Music by Giorgos Triantafillou.
Special thanks to Lena Theodoropoulou and Yiannis Chri.

One response to “The Politics of Knives

  1. Well, Aesop said it right… we put the petty thieves in jail but elect the big ones to office…

    Sure GD leaders are arrested but those who drove Greece into misery, the leaders of the two ruling parties, ND and PASOK are elected to office, recurrently… and they are still there….

    It is their greed and corruption that drove Greece to misery. Using Papadimas and Goldman Sachs they managed to lie enough so that spurious money flowed into Greece to give the people a false sense of happiness and joy and allowed spending of what they could never repay…Not to mention the theft and kickbacks the Greek Big Business club perpetrated, with the knowledge of the politicians, since Greece adopted the Euro.

    But the story goes on further back.. we are now indignant of the discriminatory practices of Golden Dawn but for the last 30 years most of the Greeks, not just GD, have been discriminating against Albanian Greeks (of true Greek ancestry) who came to their ancestral homeland looking for a better life, and took advantage of them paying miserable wages and discriminating them culturally. Here too the petty discriminators are now singled out but the big discriminators, the majority of the Greek population who turned their backs on their kind just because they had different accent, walks on as if nothing.

    No, I am not from Albania, I was born in Athens and my parents were from Smyrna (persecuted and exiled) and my grandfather was from Crete. I sensed injustice from long ago, but now that violence surfaces people are starting to pay attention… While things were “ok” nobody bothered. “Live the moment”, spend what you borrow, enjoy, be happy…..ha… This is the result of “living the moment”….


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