You can’t be serious!

Two opinion polls were published yesterday (one by Public Issue and one by Pulse). Both had two notable changes.

1. SYRIZA was around 1% ahead of New Democracy

2. Golden Dawn was the other party with an increase, it scored some 13%-13,5% (NB it got 7 % in the 2012 elections)

The neo Nazi party is now stabilised in the third position and many people wonder… What the fuck?

I was speaking with a foreign correspondent here in Athens about these polls and she was telling me that most polling companies (which are not the most trustworthy institutions in this country) tend to play down the actual ratings of Golden Dawn in order to avoid the furore. She also told me that the actual ratings of Golden Dawn were rather closer to 16%. But still, one could say, they are too small and no one would cooperate with them in government.

No one? Well, just the other day, Babis Papadimitriou, a presenter of SKAI TV and a longtime supporter of all austerity measures since the beginning of the Greek economic crisis (with whatever this may mean about his political affiliation), threw the idea. “If SYRIZA can discuss the possibility of a coalition with the Communist Party, why couldn’t New Democracy discuss the possibility of a Conservative cooperation with a more serious (sic) Golden Dawn?”

I am not sure what exactly he meant by “more serious” but it seems that he at least recognises the fact the neo nazi party has had a pretty indecent behaviour so far, linked to all sorts of abuses, racist violence, populist rhetoric and foul language inside the parliament. He indeed admitted it in a later TV show. But can they become serious, Mpampis? Are you serious?

In any case, speaking of seriousness, there has been a more serious aspect in the afore mentioned opinion polls that few media have highlighted, or even discussed. It’s the qualitative analysis of the party ratings in specific age groups. According to the Pulse poll, Golden Dawn was the second party in the age groups of 18-29 and of 30-44. It makes you think that Greece is lucky to have an ageing population with more old people than young ones, that births have dropped by 10% this year according to some reports yesterday, that younger people are less inclined to be bothered to vote and that older people still tend to vote the same party that once hired them or gave them a good pension. All these, otherwise negative characteristics, are saving this country from becoming officially fascist.

I got a very dark feeling in my guts when I saw this table. Check for yourself and tell me how you feel.

Pulse Age Groups

The colours (from left to right) represent New Democracy, SYRIZA, PASOK, Independent Greeks, Golden Dawn, Democratic Left, Communist Party, Other party. Blank vote/Invalid vote/abstention, Undecided voters.

And when you try to describe to people, in and outside Greece, about what is to come in the near future, they read your blog posts or look at you, with a puzzled face, and say: You can’t be serious!

3 responses to “You can’t be serious!

  1. Well, it is true that young people of these ages seem to support the nazis (in the polls at least), but similar polls show that the ageing population on the other hand by far support New Democracy. So luck is not a right term here, maybe something more like “caught between a rock and a hard place”?


  2. Kostas,
    You say a good thing about the elderly regarding they are wiser not to vote for Golden Dawn… You are seeing the glass 25% full and like it..
    I am looking at the 75% empty part of the glass considering that the elderly are stupid enough to continue with an overwhelming support of the two parties that sunk Greece in the quicksand.. !!!!

    I am elderly at 72 (young spirited though) but I have elderly friends who are mesmerized by tradition and blindly keep voting for the same people who have managed to surrender Greek sovereignty to the Nazi Brussels… Passok and Nea Dimokratia. This shows that the do not reject Golden Dawn because they have sense and experience but they are brainwashed (or brain-dead).

    Greece will never come out of the trap sprung by the Banksters and the EU dictatorial Elite as no matter how much they tighten their belt the debt is unpayable… they haircut the debt held by private people but did not touch a hair of the Bankster Elite nor the EU central bank… these are the real owners of the EU.

    You may want to look at the web page of Mathias Rath foundation which when extensively navigated will show you that the reasons the EU was created was to conquer the European fringe countries without firing a shot. By the way this is exactly what “tsopanides”, small farmers, and a mini market owner (all older people) near the town of Kilada (Hermionida) manifested to me last year when I was there. Here is the link.

    Syriza might, only might, be able to break the enslavement by getting out of the Euro trap… the other two whores of the Banksters will not… Yes I agree Golden Dawn is total bad news. But as long as the two whores manage the country these Nazi style SOB’s will grow and grow. So Greece needs to gamble its future on Syriza… What do you think? The rest is bad news.



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