The Greek journalists and Golden Dawn

The international organisation Reporters without Borders have published today the Annual Press Freedom Index for 2013 (the full pdf report can be found here). Greece managed to fall 14 places in the index, down to the 84th place. We are now below The Congo and Mauritania as far as press freedom is concerned.

The interesting detail is although that many mainstream media outlets have reported the news story, few have focused on a small detail which I copy paste below.

…more worrying is the fall of Greece (84 th , -14), whose journalists operate in a disastrous social and professional atmosphere. Exposed to popular anger and continually facing violence on the part of both extremists and the police, reporters and photojournalists must now cope with the ultra-violent neo-Nazi activists of the Golden Dawn party.

A lot of friends have asked me why I am not thinking of leaving Greece in order to try my (professional) chances elsewhere, with better conditions, better standard of living and a better salary. I tell all of them the same thing. These are interesting times to be a journalist in Greece.

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