Greek cartoonists on Merkel’s visit

I always loved to calm fears and tensions with some sense of humour. It’s a humanising effect that is becoming more and more rare during the troubled times this country is going through. Plus, I’ve nothing against Merkel – I keep all my frustration and anger against the austerity, this type of austerity, and the lack of a way-out plan. But, that’s another, huge discussion. Here are some cartoons by Greek cartoonists on the Angela Merkel visit to Greece (I think she landed at the time of writing of this line).

By Dimitris Hatzopoulos

By Dimitris Georgopalis

Translation: Angela Merkel is holding a sign that says AUSTERITY

By Dimitris Hatzopoulos


By Kostas Mitropoulos


Soldier: Presnt arms!

Merkel: Are the arms German, Antonis?

By Petros Tsiolakis


Samaras: Are the austerity measures enough, Madam?

Merkel: You are pitiless! I bleed with what you are doing.

(sing on the right has a euro-swastika symbol and writes New Occupation)

By Panos Maragos


Merkel: What is this Paul [Thomsen of IMF]? The Greeks don’t live in slums, neither do they survive with acorn!!

Paul Thomsen (holding the troika report): The reforms are not completed yet Mrs Merkel.

Last but not list, another one of Dimtris Hatzopoulos. It’s a bit older (I think it was published a week ago) and it’s not directly linked to Angela Merkel. But I really like his style so here you have it.

By Dimitris Hatzopoulos

3 responses to “Greek cartoonists on Merkel’s visit

  1. You Greek are really naive. Don’t you understand that all problems you have depends, that you do not want pay tax, your gray markets are large and the corruption is big. Now you blame other countries don’t want to give you money. Right target of protest is your own politicans.


  2. Johan, go and tell to 1 out of 2 young people (20-30 years old) who are unemployed that they don’t want to pay tax…


  3. Many people react just as Johan Olav. The medias are very narrow minded so this reflects the opinion in the Northern contries. But even if it was all true I really can´t understand how it is possible to neglect the suffering of the greek people. I think they may have become the jews of EU.- You have lied about them – you don´t have to segregate them as they are isolated in Greece – so you just never mention what is going on – so of course people don´t know. You ignore them as human beings. And when they are starved to death or treated in an inhuman way you turn the blind eye. Have we seen this happen before. We certainly have.
    For You Johan watch “Debtocracy” on Youtube. If you are Swedish it comes with danish subs.


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