Heil malaka, heil!

Amidst continuing incidents of racist violence in Greece and in the absence of photographic documentation of it, there is a higher need for illustrating relative articles in different ways. These recent nazi-related illustrations by Manos Symeonakis are a great example.

Trivia: Did you know that Ancient Greek architectural, clothing and coin designs are replete with single or interlinking swastika motifs? It was then called Gammadion, i.e. a symbol made of the Greek letter Gamma (Γ). See here for a start.

Manos’ blog, where you can see more of his great work, is here.

2 responses to “Heil malaka, heil!

  1. In Greece seems to have the same problems as in Russian. As they own politicians can’t solve their own problems and crisis, they turn that all bad things are coming from outside.


  2. subhumans is a term used by jews in reference to non-jews. i don´t like being called a goi, but they do it, so hrisi avgi can use this term for the scum that feeds on our country.


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