Watering down Golden Dawn

Lots of friends and readers of this blog have been asking me to write something about the rise of the far-right in Greece. I repeatedly postponed such a post because I wanted to write something long, well-documented and details. But, hey, what can be said with several thousands words is now squeezed in a couple of seconds. Here they are. No further comment needed.

All political parties have condemned the attack. Golden Dawn issued a statement saying that Ilias Kasidiaris, who apart from an MP also happens to be the party’s press officer, was provoked by Liana Kanelli. Mr Kasidiaris was initially provoked when Rena Dourou of the radical left-wing Syriza party mentioned his alleged involvement in an armed robbery in 2007. His trial for this incident was supposed to take place yesterday but it was postponed for June 11.

The Athens prosecutor has ordered an arrest warrant against Kasidiaris but he is still at large. I wonder how he’ll appear in his pre-election campaign.

Nikos Mihaloliakos and Eleni Zaroulia (his wife, wearing a German cross ring) arrive at the Greek Parliament on their first day as MPs. The Parliament was dissolved within 48 hours to call for another round of elections.

Since their 7% in the last elections, I was always saying that their media gaffes would kill them. The biggest one was with their first press conference the evening of elections’ day. Until this one. Now the question is, will they ever manage to enter the Greek Parliament again?

11 responses to “Watering down Golden Dawn

  1. somehow I believe that this was his pre election campaign…


  2. “Now the question is, will they ever manage to enter the Greek Parliament again?”
    Do you really wonder about that or is it a rhetorical question? :)
    Frankly, i am surprized when people have doubts about it. For me the only question is whether they will increase their influence or stay more or less at the same percentage. I sincerely wish to be proven totally wrong and people laugh at me when they read these lines after june 17th.


    • my personal prediction is that after yesterday’s incident they’ll see a big drop in their popularity.


    • Imagine how we feel now, that the gangs popularity has increased to 12% after ~500 armed assaults against immigrants in 5 months, some dozens of which fatal, constant shallow PR stunts by copying what all the leftist and associative organizations are doing since years to help the needy, but while constantly blaming the left (that has never really governed the country) of being responsible of all evil happening in the land… currently they try to rewrite history (which was already written in extremely biased nationalistic terms) in order to rehabilitate the nationalist brigades of WWII (their grandparents for most) that were openly collaborating with the Nazis, and afterwards were backed by the Brits to wipe out the anarcho-communist Resistance Army, that made the allied debarkment in S.Italy possible in the first place…


  3. anyone who read the comments on Kasidiaris FB page -adoring, supportive and full of racist/LBGT/women hatred can only think that Kasidiaris has done what was needed to make him a hero for those who previously voted for him, fully aware that he is a violent criminal. but not daring to hope that he would have the courage to use vile language and then to attack two women and then run away. What a man! they are all saying. yes these people were looking for such a man to adore, and the hour has produced the man….He may have shown decent people everything they don`t want to know about the dark side – but he has issued a rallying call to the ignorant and violent which they are not going to ignore. I hope there`s not that many of them… but I think the very fact that he wasn`t caught and locked up immediately tells us something uncomfortable about the police, too.


    • Exactly, institutional legitimization of violence, and open collusion of the fascists with the police. That’s almost the official truth about Greece today.


  4. Bill kordos

    Where in history have we seen the rise in this type of behavior and politics?do we ever learn


  5. X.A is voted mostly by two types of voters (unemployed working class and furstrated middle-class professionals)

    Parties that support LGBT rights or illegal immigrants, is motly voted by upper-middle class people and public employees in the so-called “DEKO” and those working in the universities.

    Basically in Greece the productive lot who make for most of the country’s exports, revenues and share most of the burden…vote X.A

    The “parasites”, those that live by the former, vote for SYRIZA, Ecologists.

    So, as can anyone guess, sooner or latter “the parasites” will have to figure out how to be productive and a benefit to the society, or otherwise they will have to be sacrificed (laid off) in order to stop suffocating society.

    Thats the real trouble for the by X.A. They dont give a toss about the rights if immigrants for exmaple. What they want is the continuation of their parasitic existence. As it is normal they tend to adhere to all parasitic norms of societal life, as is the life of someone who entered the country illegaly without having a job or the criminals that live of by robberies and thefts.

    Game is over guys and gals!!!!!!!


    • Are you sure you havent mixed the names of XA and syriza in some of your phrases?
      Cause the most polite thing i could say is that you are not making much sense or being coherent in what you say.


  6. Where does their funding come from?
    Any investigative journalists out there?


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