The Greek Run

Here’s how the upcoming Economist front page looks like. Not scaremongering at all.

The Economist’s cover (19-25 May 2012)

2 responses to “The Greek Run

  1. What a deception… it seems 80% of the Greeks want to keep the Euro… what insane slavery syndrome… They do not realize that with the Euro they are no longer sovereign… as Amschel Rothschild said “Give me the power to issue the currency of a country and I do not care who makes the laws”. Clearly our conquerors are calling the shots on us now and they do not care a rats ass if misery is rampart in Greece. Together with the help of corrupt big spenders of Nea Dimokratia and PASOK they have conquered Greece.
    These two parties do not have any shame when after taking Greece down this road they still pretend to govern… shoot them all for traitors.
    Can it be spelled clearer than that?
    No I am not Communist or even Socialist, I am a Capitalist but the right kind, the kind that does not spend what he does not have…not this travesty…
    Greece has lost it sense of independence and prefers to stay under the new conquest of Germany after 60 year from WWII … Germany and Belgium govern Greece without firing a shot… while Germany still owes it the WWII compensations which at present value plus interest would erase the debt. But my fellow Greeks seem to want to subscribe to CONSUMERISM rather than to FREEDOM.


  2. Shaun Crowther

    Agreed – thank God we in the UK never decided to join this damned and fundamentally flawed currency junket. Someone, somewhere, has made one hell of a killing – financial wise, of course – out of this Euro farce…………


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