How a job interview in Greece looks like

Here’s a sketch from a comedy show series here in Greece. It satirizes the abolition of the most basic working rights due to the Memoranda No1 and No2. The minimum wage (now at around 400 euros for young people under 25 years old), the 8-hour day at work, the right to holiday (Article 24 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights), the social insurance, etc. It is a comic glimpse of how the Greek labour market might look like under the latest measures even though, after a second thought, it’s not going to be that funny.

4 responses to “How a job interview in Greece looks like

  1. Not quite sure whether to laugh or cry.


  2. Ingeborg Beugel

    Wow. Amazing. Well done. Make it even more surreal then reality already is – but the difference is shockingly small…
    I dont understand how you guys survive. Here in Holland people wouldnt be able to endure even 2 % of the austerity measures you have to swallow.


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