3 responses to “New political party by retired army officers

  1. It does appear that one has to beware of certain Greeks who see themselves as gifts to the people. The UC Davis Chancellor Katehi appears to fit right in with the renewed spirit of authoritarianism and denial of basic democratic rights on both sides of the Atlantic. Hope this story is picked up by the official media in U.S.


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  3. I have a simple question dear author of this horrible article:
    What exactly you find wrong in this political party?
    I am a member of it and I don’t see anything challenging or wrong in their political program. Do you find horrifying the idea that Greece may ask back the money which Germany owes to her? Yes, there are loans that Germany still owes to Greece and they are more than 300 billion outstanding debt. Well… it might be horrifying… for the Germans only. Because to me it seems reasonable.
    Also, if you were not so biased – and incorrect in your judgment – you would see that at the founding conference the first thing to be stressed by all party members was the commitment to the democratic principles. I hope you don’t imply that retired officers do not have the right to get involved in politics. So, just to correct your completely biased article: from the party members only a 20% has some relation to the armed forces, the rest 80% are citizens of all backgrounds, including economists, lawyers, academics etc.
    Second, about your uninorformed but misleading article: All polls show that the armed forces enjoy the highest level of trust by the Greek citizens compared to any other institution in the country. For that reason, all political parties – and not only the National Unity party – have candidates who come from the armed forces. It’s only normal because it represents the people’s beliefs.

    I don’t know about your country, but in my country all citizens enjoy equal political rights and one of them is the right to get elected without any prejudice.

    Last question: Who pays you to write this biased and incorrect article?


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