The Greek public opinion on Papademos

Greek opinion poll company, Kapa Research, has made a research on behalf of Sunday newspaper To Vima about the Greeks’ stance on the selection of Papademos as our new Prime Minister.

72,9% finds the decision on choosing Papademos a “right” or “probably right” one. Around 20% of Greeks believe it was “wrong” or “probably wrong”.

78% of Greeks find the formation of the new government a “positive” or “rather positive” step while 20% characterizes it “negative” or “rather negative”.

Another aspect of Kapa Research’s/To Vima’s opinion poll is the emotions which were caused to the interviewees on learning a specific event. I found the information extremely amusing.

The formation of the new government under Lucas Papademos caused:

Hope 42.2%
Calm 17.4 %
Concern 8.6%
Indifference 8.5%
Anger 7.5%
Pessimism & fear 5.4%
Sadness 1.9%

Joy 1.4%

During the period between the 27th of October agreement (Brussels’ deal) and the days that followed the referendum’s announcement, the emotions felt by Greeks were:

Anger 40.9%
Concern 19%
Pessimism & fear 15.7%
Hope 8.9%
Sadness 5.9%
Calm 3.8%

Joy 0.8%

A 78,6% of Greeks now feels that the new government reassures Greece’s position inside the euro zone while a 9.8% believes the opposite.

Finally, 63.4% of the interviewees states that a national unity government was a better idea than heading immediately to elections. The opposite was supported by 34.4% of those asked.

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