Another one bites the dust

Here’s the story of one more Greek who decided to leave the country. It is probably more interesting for people outside Greece as the comments by Greek viewers have been mixed. You see, the harsh reality of most Greeks, both those who leave Greece in despair and those who can’t leave the country, is much worse than the story portrayed in this video. As one viewer commented “she has a nice appartment, she can afford a dog and 750 euro per month is not that bad nowadays. I can’t understand why she is complaining”.

To judge her situation only is the best way to miss the point here. It’s not just the brain drain, it’s the thousands of Greeks who are leaving the country, lately in panick. I don’t care if this girl’s life was above the average Greek’s standard. I simply respect her decision for a living a life with dignity.

The video was produced by Reuters.

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