Why I am writing this blog

A couple of years ago I was discussing with a colleague about the nonexistent interest in Greece concerning foreign journalists. At an international level, our country was just a holiday destination. Our politics and especially our economy could not provide anything interesting, apart from laughter and occasional vague criticism on corruption. But that was it.

Shipwreck at a beach of Zante island

During the past 1,5 year this has changed dramatically, since the Greek boat hit the shore. I have never seen so many articles in the foreign (i.e. non-Greek) press about what’s happening in Greece. And in the streets too, never before could I see so many foreign tv crews trying to grasp the pulse here in Athens. I’m not naive, Athens did not suddenly become the decision-making center of Europe. It merely became the testing site of a new era of EU policies. If you are working in the news though, this is enough to make it interesting.

After speaking with many foreign colleagues, and occasionally after having worked with them, I have realized that they had formed a distorted idea about what has been and is happening here. It wasn’t their fault. I quickly noticed that the main source of information was a couple of news agencies’ wires and a handful of articles, half of which were written by journalists who never came to Athens. Oh yes, almost everybody had read Michael Lewis’ “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds” story at Vanity Fair.

So I thought, hey, why don’t I create a blog and try to translate anything that could be interesting but doesn’t make it to the English-language reporting about Greece? I am sure that some of the posts you will find here will surely contribute to a better, or fuller, idea of what is happening in Greece.

Before I begin, let me just clarify a couple of things:

  • This blog is written out of personal interest to fill the information gap which, I think, exists concerning the foreign reporting of what is happening in Greece.
  • Almost all of the information written here is not the product of my own research. It is merely a translation of reports made by journalists in the Greek press. I shall reference all the articles by providing links or by mentioning the names of the editors/newspapers.
  • All the articles that are expressing my own view of things, can be found under the category Personal Views.
  • There is no one else behind this blog. Nobody tells me what to write or not.
  • All comments are welcome but if obscenity is something you can’t avoid, please prefer to email me than offend others too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

2 responses to “Why I am writing this blog

  1. Greetings from Egypt, it is great to see new blogs like this and I hope you succeed in providing the real unspoken stories to all the world!


  2. Adam from Australia

    You are a hero Kostas.


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